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October 16TH, 2019

Press Release

MCG retains Biotech Alliances International to raise Series A $15 million financing round

We have exclusively contracted the investment bank Biotech Alliances International Inc. for our planned $15 million Series A capital raise.

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May 20TH, 2019


MCG at 20TH Bio€quity 2019

Biotech and digital health care is entering a golden age. The world is seeing a flood of new therapies that have long been the promise of this industry. MCG joins the “Hot Topics” companies and their investors to present their showcase and solution.

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May 15TH, 2019

Press Release

MCG motion capture GmbH founded by seasoned medtech & digital health entrepreneurs

A team of seasoned European healthcare entrepreneurs today announced the foundation of MCG motion capture GmbH, the world’s first precision motion analysis and digital care company.

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About Motion Capture Group

MCG motion capture GmbH is a leading provider of next-generation precision motion analysis and digital care solutions. The Company´s cloud-based solutions focus on the prevention, diagnosis, analysis and alleviation of motion-related conditions and diseases.
MCG combines unparalleled medical, digital and health economic expertise, spanning from sensor development, bioinformatics, and digital health to clinical trials and the registration and commercialization of high-quality medical devices.
With its solutions, MCG is addressing the sports market,occupational health management, the healthcare sector, and the biopharmaceutical industry.